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Cyber Security

Intrusion Detection

Let us provide insights to any attack on your network.

Improved information security and business continuity management

Adopting a zero-trust policy from the ground up will enhance a company protection and management ability

Improved stakeholder confidence in your information security arrangements

A company’s reputation is one of the most important assets. Having a cyber security plan in place provides confidence to all stakeholders.

Improved company credentials

Having the right tools in place can protect a company from internal and external threats.

Faster recovery times in the event of a breach

Being attack is imminent the challenge is how do a company recovers. Allow us to design a program/solution that works.

Increase employee productivity

We assist with increasing employees’ productivity through continuous testing and education on cyber threats and how to safely navigate the digital world.

The value of having a cyber security strategy

Let’s face facts, an attack is imminent for every company. The attack can be either external or internal. The question becomes what will you do when you are attack? How will you recovery? Having a complete and comprehensive business continuity plan that is built from zero trust philosophy is your answer. 

It begins with protection. Protecting your data on your devices, protecting your data in the cloud, protecting your network and testing all those key areas to ensure that the back up is working. We can help keep your business running during an attack. 

A & H Technology Group is experience in providing protection on a company’s one of their main assets, their data. Talk with one of our business development specialists and let us begin protecting your company. 

Industries That We Serve

Nonprofits can save money and increase efficiency by reducing IT labor costs. We deliver the best of class IT security to protect their most important assets.
We have technology teams who are working 24/7/365 to ensure your firm's IT infrastructure is secure and ready for the 21st century to protect you.
Having an in-house technical support team is place, can prove to be very challenging. We provide the best-in-class service offerings.
We are committed to providing secure, reliable technology solutions for retailers across the New York Tri-state area with support based upon your needs.
We protect homes from external threats and complete regular data backups. We will manage the technology for your home.