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Technology redesigned for your business!


Being Ultra Responsive is the only way to go and what we do! We eliminate the stress from IT for you and your business!

Yes, we are a technology company, but we are also our own client!


Excalibur Managed Services [EMS]

Filters out the complexity of modern technology and allows you to focus on your business, not your IT operations. CRA helps businesses succeed by eliminating the hurdles and the learning curve of putting technology to work for you.

Excalibur Managed Services [EMS]

Is our secret sauce for companies’ technology platforms. These tools are a part of our super powers that allows us to be your Super Hero Defender, which is our passion.


Every package is custom-comprised to meet and exceed the needs of your company. We use multiple technologies to develop your comprehensive solution for your business.

What is Excalibur Managed Services?

Excalibur Managed Services takes is a complete technology solution that makes your technology platform more efficient, more advance and secure from internal and external threats. The best part of EMS is that it is available at all hours of the day and all week. Yes, our technician proactively monitors every facet of your technology platform. We find your issues and simply fix it. If you need support, we are right there. For some reason your business experiences a technology attack, we will fight the battle for you. We are your tech defenders. Excalibur Managed Services is the only way to provide a reliable infrastructure and advance technology.

What can Excalibur Managed Services really do?

Simply it covers all areas of your network


your network from hackers, malware, vindictive employees, & everyday criminals.


you with access to cloud base software and customization of that software.


uptime, increase productivity, ensure cost-efficiency, & minimize obstacles.


your data the opportunity to outlive hardware glitches, power failures, internal errors.

Why is all that important to you?

It’s not just important. It’s a must for businesses. If you can’t protect your network, minimize IT complications, and shelter your data, then you’ll be asked to join the long list of businesses on their way out of the entrepreneurial world. You might as well just close your business now and save yourself a lot of future grief. Most businesses think that they do not need such technologies and services, but everyone is at risk and it is only a matter of time before your business is attacked and your reputation is questioned by the market place and possibly fines are issued. In the modern world, no consumer has time for a business who can’t find and use dependable, high-quality technology.


Our life mission is to be the defender for small to medium business. We live to be your super hero tech team.


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$ 80 Monthly
Best choice
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$ 100 Monthly
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$ 150 Monthly

Let’s bridge that gap.


Interested in learning more about our IT services and solutions?

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